Battle of Mainz (406)

For the battle fought in 1795 in the French Revolutionary Wars, see Battle of Mainz.
Battle of Mainz
Part of the Roman-Germanic wars
LocationMainz, modern  Germany
Result Vandalic victory
Frankish federates Vandals
Commanders and leaders
unknown Godigisel  
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Mainz was fought between the Franks, who at the time were allies of Rome, and an alliance of Vandals, Suevi and Alans and took place on 31 December 406. The battle was won by the Vandals and Alans, and cleared the way for their invasion of Gaul.

The battle is briefly described by Gregory of Tours in his History of the Franks. According to his account, the Franks ambushed the Hasdingi Vandals as they were crossing the Rhine and killed their king, Godigisel. The Vandals were rescued by the Alans under Respendial, who drove back the Franks.

Coordinates: 50°00′00″N 8°16′00″E / 50.0000°N 8.2667°E / 50.0000; 8.2667

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