Battle of Lircay

Battle of Lircay
Part of the Chilean Civil War of 1829–30
DateApril 17, 1830
Locationnear Talca,  Chile
Result decisive Conservative victory, Treaty of Cuz Cuz
Pipiolos (Liberals) Pelucones (Conservatives)
Commanders and leaders
Ramón Freire
Guillermo Tupper (I Division, KIA)
Benjamín Viel (II Division)
Giuseppe Rondizzoni (III Division)
José Joaquín Prieto
José María de la Cruz (I Division)
Manuel Bulnes (II Division)
1,750 (1,100 infantry; 600 cavalry; 50 artilleryman with 4 cannons) 2,200 (1,300 infantry; 400 mounted infantry; 500 cavalry)
12 cannons
Casualties and losses
350 killed
1,000 captured

The Battle of Lircay was the final battle of the Chilean Civil War of 1829-1830 and ended with the Pipiolos (Liberals) being decisively defeated. Pipiolo leader Ramon Freire was exiled to Peru and the Pipiolos defeated to end the war, beginning a 30-year dominance of the Government of Chile by the Conservatives.[1]


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