Battle of Landeshut (1760)

Not to be confused with Battle of Landshut (1809).
Battle of Landeshut
Part of the Seven Years' War

Kamienna Góra, Town Hall, Stained glass
Date23 June 1760
LocationLandeshut, Silesia
(now Kamienna Góra, Poland)
Result Austrian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia Holy Roman Empire Austria
Commanders and leaders
General Fouqué General von Laudon
12,000 men 28,000 men
Casualties and losses
2,000 dead or wounded
8,000 captured[1]
3,000 dead or wounded

The Battle of Landeshut was an engagement fought on 23 June 1760 during the Seven Years' War.

A Prussian army of 12,000 men under General Heinrich August de la Motte Fouqué fought an Austrian army of over 28,000 men under General von Loudon and suffered a defeat, with its commander taken prisoner.


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Coordinates: 50°47′00″N 16°02′00″E / 50.783333°N 16.033333°E / 50.783333; 16.033333

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