Battle of Krusi

Battle of Krusi
Date22 September 1796
LocationKrusi, Lješanska nahija
Result Decisive Montenegrin victory
Montenegro Pashalik of Scutari
Commanders and leaders
Petar I Petrović Njegoš
Jovan Radonjić
Kara Mahmud Pasha  
Units involved
Tribes of Old Montenegro Albanians
6,500 30,000
Casualties and losses
Uncertain, traditionally held as small Uncertain, traditionally held as great, Mahmud Pasha slain

The Battle of Krusi (Serbian: Bitka na Krusima/Битка на Крусима) was fought on 22 September 1796 between the campaigning army of Kara Mahmud Pasha, the Pasha of Scutari, and tribes under the command of Metropolitan Petar I Petrović Njegoš and Jovan Radonjić, at Krusi, Lješanska nahija.


After Kara Mahmud Pasha was defeated at Martinići (1796), he planned new operations to subdue Montenegro. With his main army in Scutari, Kara Mahmud Pasha advanced to Podgorica. In the meantime, near the Montenegrin borders, a rather large number of forces were stationed due to the concentration of attacks towards Montenegro and Brda. From Podgorica, the Pasha's Albanians moved onto Lješkopolje because his goal was to use the Lješkopolje-Krusi-Carev laz-Rijeka Crnojevića line to his advantage in order to carry out a raid toward Cetinje.

Petar I was informed of the Pasha's plans, and had managed to organize a defence. He took the larger part of his army and camped beneath the Sađavce mountain on the right bank of the Matica river. Another large unit under the command of Jovan Radonjić camped under the Busovnika mountain near the village of Krusi.


The battle occurred on 22 September 1796 when Bushati ordered his troops to cross the right hand bank of the Sitnica River and attack Montenegrin positions. Krusi was directly in the path of his army.

Half of the Montenegrin army was led by Metropolitan Petar I, and the other half by Jovan Radonjić.[1]

After a whole day of fighting, the Montenegrins were able to defeat the Albanians. Bushati was killed by the Montenegrin army during the battle. Legend has it that it was a Bogdan Nikolić from Zalazi who managed to kill Bushati. The remains of the defeated Albanian army were forced to withdraw to Podgorica.[2]


With the victory, the tribes of Bjelopavlići and Piperi were joined into the Montenegrin tribal assembly.

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