Battle of Kabletown

Battle of Kabletown
Part of American Civil War

Location of Kabletown, West Virginia.
DateNovember 18, 1864
LocationKabletown, West Virginia
Result Confederate victory
United States United States Confederate States of America Confederacy
Commanders and leaders
Richard R. Blazer John S. Mosby
Blazer's Scouts 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Casualties and losses
42 (half) unknown

The Battle of Kabletown was a battle between Confederate and Union forces near the end of the American Civil War. Captain John S. Mosby, with nine companies of cavalry, defeated Captain Richard R. Blazer's outnumbered Blazer's Scouts.


In late 1864, General Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign came to a close. He had laid siege to Petersburg. Captain Blazer's Scouts, a Union company, had already raided the city of Lynchburg, Virginia in the campaign against Richmond. Captain John S. Mosby of the Confederates decided to stop these raids against Virginia by bringing them to battle. On November 18, 1864, the forces met at Kabletown, West Virginia.


Mosby had nine companies, the 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry, to Captain Richard R. Blazer's one. Mosby was able to defeat Blazer's Scouts due to superior numbers, inflicting 42 casualties, almost half of the Union force. .


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