Battle of Kaba

Battle of Kaba
LocationKaba, Fiji
Result Fijian-Tongan Victory
Rewa Province
Commanders and leaders
Fiji Cakobau
Tonga Taufa'ahau
Fiji Tonga Enele Ma'afu
Fiji 1,000
Tonga 2,000
Casualties and losses
Fiji Unknown
Tonga 14 killed, 20 wounded

The Battle of Kaba was fought at Kaba, Fiji, in 1855 between Fijian Tui Viti (King) Cakobau and his enemies from Rewa and Bau. Cakobau was supported by a strong fleet from Tonga, sent by Tu'i Tonga (King) Taufa'ahau (George I) of Tonga and Enele Ma'afu, governor of the Tongan population in Fiji. The battle was a major victory for Cakobau, thanks mainly to his Tongan allies, and cemented his leadership over Fiji. It also, however, underlined his dependency on the military power of Tonga, especially since Ma'afu remained in Fiji.


Coordinates: 18°42′35″S 174°01′48″W / 18.709775°S 174.029960°W / -18.709775; -174.029960

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