Battle of Ghartiskari

Battle of Ghartiskari
Part of Lekianoba

Marauding Lezgins returning from a raid.
Date1778 or 1779
LocationGhartiskari, Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti
Result Decisive Georgian victory
Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti Lezgin marauders
Commanders and leaders
Ketevan Andronikashvili Unknown
300 cavalry[1] 500[1]-800[2]
Casualties and losses
light heavy

The Battle of Ghartiskari (Georgian: ღართისკარის ბრძოლა) was fought either in October 1778 or 1779 in Ghartiskari between the personal guard of Ketevan Andronikashvili and a marauding Lezgin band. After three attacks mounted by Georgians with Ketevan's personal leadership, the Lezgins were defeated decisively.


Ketevan, a noblewoman on Heraclius II's court, was traveling from Mukhrani through Ghartiskari passage to the capital of the kingdom, Tbilisi accompanied by a small royal guard detachment appointed by the king. At the time, frequent North-Caucasian incursions posed great threat to travelers in Georgia, thus nobles always had to be accompanied by personal guards. After an ambush perpetrated by the Lezgins, Ketevan took charge of the guard and annihilated the marauders. After arriving in Tbilisi unharmed, she was received by Heraclius with a large celebration festivity.[1][2]


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