Battle of Estepona

Battle of Estepona
Part of the Reconquista

Map detailing the larger campaign against the Marinids.
LocationEstepona Bay, Spain
Result Victory for the Crown of Aragon.
Crown of Aragon Marinid dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Pere de Montcada unknown
13 Galleys
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The Battle of Estepona was a naval battle that occurred in the year 1342 between the armada of the Crown of Aragon, commanded by Admiral Pere de Montcada, against the fleet of the Marinid Dynasty. The battle took place in the Bay of Estepona in the Strait of Gibraltar and resulted in an Aragonese victory and a rout of the Marinid fleet.

The Battle

The Aragonese fleet had left Valencia to join the fleet of the Kingdom of Castile in the Straits of Gibraltar in accordance with the Treaty of Madrid. In the waters of the Bay of Estepona, the Aragonese fleet encountered 13 Marinid galleys and engaged in an action with them. The Aragonese fleet was able to capture 4 prize galleys, two more Marinid ships were run aground, and seven managed to escape.

This naval victory, along with the battles of Bullones, Algeciras and Guadalmesí, were part of the campaign that eventually led up to the Siege of Algericas.


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