Battle of Ebeltoft

Battle of Ebeltoft
Part of Second Northern War
Date23 July 1659
LocationEbeltoft bay, Denmark
Result Swedish victory

Denmark Denmark-Norway

 Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Owen Kox Danish: Peder Jensen Bredal†
Dutch: de Konigk
8 frigates
several smaller ships
Danish: 2 frigates
Dutch: 3 frigates
Casualties and losses
Negligible 1 frigate exploded
4 frigates captured
1,000 men captured

The Battle of Ebeltoft was a naval battle between a Swedish and a Danish/Dutch fleet, during the Dano-Swedish War of 1658 to 1660. The allied fleet was ordered to secure a troop transport fleet to the Swedish-controlled island Fyn. Eight Swedish frigates attacked the fleet and took the allies by surprise. After a long fight one Dutch ship exploded, the rest of the Danish/Dutch ships were captured and the transport fleet was destroyed. The Danish captain was badly wounded and died during the battle.


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