Battle of Clitheroe

Battle of Clitheroe
Part of the Anarchy
Date10 June 1138
Locationnear Bowland Fells in Lancashire
Result Scottish victory
Kingdom of England Kingdom of Scotland
Commanders and leaders
William fitz Duncan
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

Coordinates: 53°52′23″N 2°23′28″W / 53.873°N 2.391°W / 53.873; -2.391

The Battle of Clitheroe was a battle between a force of Scots and English knights and men at arms which took place on 10 June 1138 during the period of The Anarchy. The battle was fought on the southern edge of the Bowland Fells, at Clitheroe, Lancashire. It took place in the course of an invasion of England by King David I of Scotland. In the summer of 1138, King David split his army into two forces. One of them, commanded by William fitz Duncan, Mormaer of Moray, marched into Lancashire. There he harried Furness and Craven. On 10 June, William fitz Duncan was met by a force of knights and men-at-arms. A pitched battle took place and the result was that the English army was routed. The battle was a prelude to the Battle of the Standard later in the summer, where the result was reversed.


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