Battle of Bengtskär

Battle of Bengtskär
Part of Continuation War
Date26 July 1941
LocationBengtskär skerry, Finland
Result Finnish victory
 Finland  Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Lieutenant Fred Luther First lieutenant Kurilov
Casualties and losses
31 casualties, 45 wounded 60-100 casualties, 28 prisoners

The Battle of Bengtskär was fought between Finnish and Soviet forces on 26 July 1941 during the Continuation War. Soviet landing troops made a surprise attack on the skerry of Bengtskär with a goal to blow up the lighthouse situated on the skerry so that it would not disturb Soviet military operations. Finnish troops situated on the skerry managed to defend the lighthouse and eventually drove the Soviets back with the help of support troops.[1]


Bengtskär lighthouse in 1941
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