Battle of Beaumont

For the 1794 battle, see Battle of Beaumont (1794).
Battle of Beaumont
Part of the Franco-Prussian War
Date30 August 1870
Locationnear Beaumont-en-Argonne, France
Result German victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia
France France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Prussia George of Saxony
Kingdom of Bavaria Ludwig Freiherr von der Tann
France Pierre Louis Charles de Failly
Casualties and losses
3,400 soldiers 7,500 soldiers,
42 guns

The Battle of Beaumont on 30 August 1870 was won by Prussia during the Franco-Prussian War.

It was fought between Fifth French Corps d'Armee under General Pierre Louis Charles de Failly, and the IV and XII (Royal Saxon) Army Corps under Prince George of Saxony (the XII Army Corps was all-Saxon, while the IV Army Corps was a mix of regiments from Anhalt, Prussian Saxony and the Thuringian states) along with the I Royal Bavarian Corps under general Ludwig Freiherr von der Tann. The French were surprised in their cantonments and driven back upon Mouzon, with losses of 4,800 men and 42 guns to the Germans' 3,500.


Coordinates: 49°32′21″N 5°03′29″E / 49.5392°N 5.0581°E / 49.5392; 5.0581

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