Battle of Augusta

Battle of Augusta
Part of the Franco-Dutch War

Naval Battle of Augusta, by Ambroise-Louis Garneray.
Date22 April 1676
LocationNear Augusta (present-day Italy)
Result French strategic victory
 United Provinces
Commanders and leaders
Michiel de Ruyter  (DOW) Abraham Duquesne
17 Dutch + 10 Spanish ships of the line 29 ships of the line
Casualties and losses
about 700 killed about 500 killed

The naval Battle of Augusta (also known as the Battle of Agosta) took place on 22 April 1676 during the Franco-Dutch War and was fought between a French fleet of 29 man-of-war, five frigates and eight fireships under Abraham Duquesne and a Dutch-Spanish fleet of 27 (17 Dutch, 10 Spanish) plus five fireships with Dutch Lieutenant-Admiral-General Michiel de Ruyter in command. The battle was a short but intense affair and ended abruptly when Duquesne, after hearing that De Ruyter had been mortally wounded, retreated. Neither side lost a ship, though there were many dead and wounded, especially among the Dutch.

Order of battle

France (Abraham Duquesne)

First Squadron (Alméras)


Second Squadron (Duquesne)


Third Squadron (Gabaret)


Netherlands/Spain (Michiel de Ruyter)

De Ruyters squadron

De Haans squadron

Spanish ships

10 or 12 ships among them:


The French navy (Marine Nationale) commemorated the battle of Agosta by naming a conventional submarine (Pennant number S620) leading ship of the successful Agosta class, after it.


Coordinates: 37°15′00″N 15°21′00″E / 37.2500°N 15.3500°E / 37.2500; 15.3500

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