Battle of Şarköy

Battle of Şarköy
Part of First Balkan War
Date9–11 February 1913
LocationŞarköy, Gelibolu District, Adrianople Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
(present day: Şarköy, Turkey)
Result Bulgarian victory
Bulgaria Bulgaria  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Bulgaria Gen. Stiliyan Kovachev Ottoman Empire Major Enver bey
Unknown 19,858 officers and men,
3,744 animals, 15,405 rifles, 16 machine guns, 48 artillery, 23,542 ammunition boxes[1]
Torpedo cruiser Berk-i Satvet, cruiser Mecidiye, battleships Turgut Reis and Barbaross Hayreddin[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown 882 killed, 1,842 wounded, 55 missing
Total: 2,779[2]

The Battle of Şarköy or Sarkoy operation (Bulgarian: Битка при Шаркьой, Turkish: Şarköy Çıkarması) took place between 9 and 11 February 1913 during the First Balkan War between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans attempted a counter-attack, but were defeated by the Bulgarians at the Battles of Bulair and Şarköy.


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