Batorampon Point

Batorampon Point
Batalampon Point
Country  Philippines
Region IX
District Labuan
Municipality Zamboanga City
Coordinates PH 7°6′32.5″N 121°53′51.8″E / 7.109028°N 121.897722°E / 7.109028; 121.897722Coordinates: PH 7°6′32.5″N 121°53′51.8″E / 7.109028°N 121.897722°E / 7.109028; 121.897722
Highest point
 - elevation 300 ft (91 m)
Batorampon Point
Highest point
Elevation 1,335 m (4,380 ft)
Coordinates 7°4′25″N 122°1′23.3″E / 7.07361°N 122.023139°E / 7.07361; 122.023139
Location Zamboanga City, Philippines
Parent range Zamboanga Cordillera, Mindanao Island

Batorampon Point is the westernmost point of the island of Mindanao (7°6′32.5″N 121°53′51.8″E / 7.109028°N 121.897722°E / 7.109028; 121.897722) in the Philippines and has been named so since the mid-19th century.[1][2][3] The rocky cliff, located within the limits of the City of Zamboanga, was previously known as Batalampon Point, becoming Batorampon Point in the 1940s.[4][5] The point is located just north of Labuan, about 35 kilometres (22 mi) from downtown Zamboanga City.

Batorampon Point is also the alleged name[6] of the highest elevation in Zamboanga City located in 7°4′25″N 122°1′23.3″E / 7.07361°N 122.023139°E / 7.07361; 122.023139. The peak was not named in the 1940s topography map of the region by the U.S. Army's topographic engineering agency, the Army Map Service.[4] When it was named Batorampon Point is not known.


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