Batman: Haunted Knight

Batman: Haunted Knight

Publisher DC Comics
Publication date 1996
Title(s) Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1 (1993)
Batman: Madness - A Legends Of The Dark Knight Halloween Special (1994)
Batman: Ghosts - A Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special (1995)
Main character(s) Batman
The Scarecrow
Mad Hatter
The Penguin
Barbara Gordon
ISBN ISBN 1-56389-273-1
Creative team
Writer(s) Jeph Loeb
Artist(s) Tim Sale

Batman: Haunted Knight is an anthology trade paperback published by DC Comics in 1996. It reprinted three one shot specials from the previous three years (three Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials). Each of the stories were written by Jeph Loeb and featured art by Tim Sale. The popularity of these led to the limited series Batman: The Long Halloween.


During the story "Fears", Batman is hunting down and trying to capture Scarecrow. As the title suggests, fear plays a large part in the story, with Batman nearly dying of fear while trapped in a large, poisonous, thorn maze.

"Madness" tells the story of James Gordon's daughter, Barbara, being kidnapped by Mad Hatter and forced to be in a twisted tea party with other kidnapped children. Batman and Gordon finally save Barbara and bring down Mad Hatter.

"Ghosts" is basically a Batman universe version of A Christmas Carol, with Bruce's father taking the place of Marley, and the three spirits being Poison Ivy, Joker, and a Grim Reaper figure who turns out to be Batman's ghost. The message from the spirits is that Bruce should not let Batman take over his entire life.

Time of events

Little is known of when Haunted Knight takes place in the Loeb/Sale Batman series:


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