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Map of Luxembourg with Bascharage highlighted in orange, and the canton in dark red
Coordinates: 49°34′00″N 5°55′00″E / 49.5667°N 5.9167°E / 49.5667; 5.9167Coordinates: 49°34′00″N 5°55′00″E / 49.5667°N 5.9167°E / 49.5667; 5.9167
Country  Luxembourg
Canton Capellen
Area rank ? of 105
  Rank ? of 105
  Density rank ? of 105
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
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Bascharage (Luxembourgish: Nidderkäerjeng, German: Niederkerschen) is a town and a former commune in south-western Luxembourg. Since 2012, it is part of the commune of Käerjeng.


Bascharage with the other towns like Linger, Hautcharage and Pétange were owned by the "Hoheit Kerschen". The first known reference to them was on April 4, 1281 for obtaining their freedom under the law of Beamont "Freiheitsbrief nach Böhmerrecht“. The freedom of Clemency probably happened in 1260.

After the occupation of France (1794 – 1815), the “Hoheit Kerschen” changed in “municipalité cantonale Bascharage” with the townships of Bascharage, Clemency, Mamer, Garnich and Dippach. This Township came out in 1799 as the “Mairie de Bascharage” with the towns of Bascharage, Hautchaurage and Linger. Their first mayor was Pierre Clemont in 1800. The first mayor of Clemency was Pierre Decker (until 1830).

Geological does Bascharage not belong to the Minette Region however they have a pretty tense relation with the iron industry. The Iron crisis in the 70s was responsible for the big loss of work for the citizens.

Even so, the town has known a regularly evolution with the arrival of enterprises like General Motors or Luxguard. In Bascharage there is also the seat of the well known and probably biggest brewery of the country, Bofferding.

The old Township

Bascharage was until their fusion with the township Clemency, only one township for itself. On January 1, 2012, both agreed to undergo a fusion to become the new township Käerjeng.

Amorial Bearings

The arms were conferred on the town by Grand Ducal decree of 21 July 1969.

Mayor since 1858


Bascharage is crossed by the Chiers who also take the waters of Mierbech.

Gemeng Käerjeng (Commune of Bascharage)

Gemeng Käerjeng is one of the 106 communes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is situated in the south-west of the country in the canton of Capellen.

5 towns are part of the commune: Bascharage, Clemency, Fingig, Hautcharage and Linger. Michel Wolter has been mayor since the fusion with the commune of Clemency.

Gemeng Käerjeng has a population of approximately 10,000 citizens and has the 9th-highest commune population in Luxembourg.

Gemeng Käerjeng is located on the dividing line of the waters of the Rhine basin (Eisch) and the watershed of the Meuse (Chiers). It is bordered by the communes of Pétange, Differdange, Sanem, Dippach, Garnich and Steinfort, as well as the Belgian border to the north-west.

Elevation: Between 247 m (810 ft) at Tapp near Linger and 362 m (1,188 ft) at Kues near Fingig.

Total area: 52.2 km2 (20.15 sq mi)


Bascharage is housing the national wide brewery blond beer which is known as Bofferding. An industrial zone was also born around 30 years ago which, today, regroups local and regional companies from big subsidiaries such as General Motors, Luxguard and Delphi Corporation.


Notable residents

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