Baron Tyrawley

Baron Tyrawley was a title that was created twice, both times in the Peerage of Ireland. The first creation came in 1706 in favour of the soldier Sir Charles O'Hara. His son, James O'Hara, was a distinguished military commander. He had already been created Baron Kilmaine in the Peerage of Ireland in 1722 when he succeeded his father in the barony of Tyrawley two years later. However, both titles became extinct on his death in 1774. The next creation came in 1797 in favour of James Cuffe, who was created Baron Tyrawley, of Ballinrobe in the County of Mayo. He sat in the House of Lords from 1800 to 1821 as one of the 28 original Irish Representative Peers. However, on his death in 1821 this title became extinct as well.

The Barony of Tyrawley is located in north east County Mayo.

Barons Tyrawley; First Creation (1706)

Barons Tyrawley; Second Creation (1797)

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