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Baron Calthorpe, of Calthorpe in the County of Norfolk, was a title in the Peerage of Great Britain. It was created in 1796 for Sir Henry Gough, 2nd Baronet, who had previously represented Bramber in Parliament. Born Henry Gough, he had assumed the additional surname of Calthorpe upon inheriting the Elvetham and Norfolk estates of his maternal uncle, Sir Henry Calthorpe, in 1788. The Baronetcy, of Edgbaston in the County of Warwick, had been created in the Baronetage of Great Britain on 6 April 1728 for Lord Calthorpe's father Henry Gough, who represented Totnes and Bramber in the House of Commons. He was the husband of Barbara, daughter of Reynolds Calthorpe. Three of Lord Calthorpe's sons, the second, third and fourth Barons, both succeeded in the titles. The latter sat as a Member of Parliament for Hindon and Bramber. In 1845 he assumed by Royal licence for himself the surname of Gough only. His eldest son, the fifth Baron, represented East Worcestershire in Parliament as a Liberal. The fifth Baron's younger brother, the seventh Baron (who succeeded his elder brother, the sixth Baron), was a Lieutenant-General in the Army. The latter's son, the eighth Baron, was succeeded by his grandson, the ninth Baron. The titles became extinct on the death of the ninth Baron's younger brother, the tenth Baron, in 1997.

The famous British architect Sir John Soane was the ancestor of the 8th, 9th and 10th barons.

Gough baronets, of Edgbaston (1728)

Barons Calthorpe (1796)

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