Amlukdara stupa near Barikot

Barikot is a city located in the south end of the Swat valley, which is located at a distance of 20 km away from Mingora. It is the entrance town to Swat valley with a population of 800,000 approximately, Bazeera was the old name of Barikot, This town was badly destroyed by Taliban and Security forces mutually under the operration Rah-e-rast in 2009. This town has many archeological sites and very famous for Italian archeologist.

This town is situated side by side on river swat. This town is famous for its talented people all over Pakistan in the field of education and sports. Barikot is the gateway to swat.[Adil pharmacist]


    Coordinates: 34°40′37″N 34°40′37″E / 34.677°N 34.677°E / 34.677; 34.677

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