Barfly (album)

Studio album by Buck-O-Nine
Released 1995
Recorded 1995
Genre Ska punk
Label Taang!
Producer Buck-O-Nine
Buck-O-Nine chronology
Songs in the Key of Bree
Water in My Head

Barfly is the second album from Buck-O-Nine, originally released in 1995 on Taang! Records. The album contains several cover songs that influenced the band's individual members. The cover songs were narrowed down from a list of seven possible cover songs the band had rehearsed and performed live, having originally been picked round-robin style. The album is fleshed out with original songs written after the release of Songs in the Key of Bree. Barfly was released within a relatively short time after Songs in the Key of Bree, in part because the band was anxious to have a release available that would see wider distribution than the first album was gaining.

Track listing

  1. "Callin' in Sick"
  2. "On a Mission"
  3. "Pass the Dutchie" (Musical Youth cover)
  4. "Teenagers from Mars" (The Misfits cover)
  5. "Water in My Head"
  6. "Wrong 'Em Boyo" (The Clash cover)
  7. "Away"
  8. "Full Metal Bree"
  9. "Junior"
  10. "Still Remains"
  11. "Sound System" (Operation Ivy cover)
  12. "Barfly"
  13. "Bonus Track"




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