Barbara Lubomirska (17th century)

Barbara Domicela Lubomirska
Coat of arms Lubomirski
Husband Jan Zebrzydowski


Michał Zebrzydowski, Franciszek Florian Zebrzydowski, Anna Zebrzydowska
Family Lubomirski
Father Sebastian Lubomirski
Mother Anna Branicka
Born c. 1630
Died between 1667 and 1676

Barbara Domicela Lubomirska (born c. 1630 – died between 1667 and 1676)[1] was a Polish noble lady.[2] She married Jan Zebrzydowski who held the administrative position of the starosta of Nowy Sącz.[3]

Coffin portrait

Lubomirska is remembered mainly for her realistic funerary portrait (shaped like the cross-section of her own coffin). It was painted in oil on a sheet of metal by an anonymous master-painter active in Masovia in mid-second half of the 17th century. The painting is on display at the National Museum in Warsaw on loan from the Gallery of Portrait at the Palace Museum in Wilanów. It is a prominent example of the funerary art tradition popular among the nobles (szlachta) of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.[1]


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