Barasana-Eduria language

Not to be confused with Bará language, an Eastern-Central Tucanoan language.
Jãnerã - Eduria Oca
Native to Colombia
Ethnicity Barasana, Eduria
Native speakers
1,900 (1993 census)[1]
  • Eastern Tucanoan

    • South
      • Barasana–Macuna
        • Barasano
  • Barasana (Southern Barasano)
  • Taiwano (Eduria)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bsn
Glottolog bara1380[2]

Barasana is an aboriginal Amerindian language spoken by a couple thousand people in Colombia.[1] The people, the Barasana and Eduria, are ethnically distinct and consider their dialects to be different languages. The Barasana dialect is also known as Southern Barasano, Come Masa, Comematsa, Janera, Paneroa, Yebamasa; Eduria is also known as Edulia, Taibano, Taiwaeno, Taiwano.


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