Baqet III

Baqet III
of the 16th nome of Upper Egypt

Outside of the tombs of Baqet III and of his son Khety at Beni Hasan
Predecessor Ramushenty
Successor Khety?
Dynasty 11th Dynasty
Pharaoh Mentuhotep II
Father Ramushenty
Children Khety?
Burial Beni Hasan tomb 15 (BH15)

Baqet III was an ancient Egyptian official and Great Chief of the Oryx nome (the 16th nome of Upper Egypt) during the 11th Dynasty (21st century BCE, toward the end of the First Intermediate Period). As a son of his predecessor Ramushenty,[1] he administered his governorate from the city of Men'at Khufu.[2]

G29 q
in hieroglyphs

Realizing that the fate of the civil war was definitely in favor of the Thebans led by Mentuhotep II, Baqet cunningly broke the long neutrality of his territory and took the Theban side.[2] After his death, his new loyalty allowed him to be succeeded by his probable son Khety and by his descendants until the time of Amenemhat I, when a family turnover took place in the governorship with the installation of Khnumhotep I.[1]

In addition to the office of governor of the entire nome, Baqet also was haty-a, treasurer of the king of Lower Egypt, confidential friend, true royal acquaintance, and mayor of Nekheb.[3]

The tomb BH15

Baqet III was buried in the necropolis of his clan in Beni Hasan inside the tomb no. 15. The tomb is composed of a cult chapel and an inner burial chamber, and is well known for its remarkable paintings.[4]

The northern wall depicts Baqet and his wife in their daily life, the hunting of various animals including fantastic ones,[5] and various artisans whilst working.
The eastern wall shows a fortress garrisoned by Egyptians and besieged by a mixed army composed of Egyptians infantry, Nubian bowmen and maybe Libyan slingers,[2] likely representing a Theban offensive; on the same wall are also depicted an impressive number of wrestling positions and techniques.
Finally, the south wall mainly shows Baqet's funeral, but also some people playing senet.

Some of the wrestling scenes.


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