Location in Slovenia

Coordinates: 46°3′10.64″N 13°42′40.87″E / 46.0529556°N 13.7113528°E / 46.0529556; 13.7113528Coordinates: 46°3′10.64″N 13°42′40.87″E / 46.0529556°N 13.7113528°E / 46.0529556; 13.7113528
Country Slovenia
Traditional region Slovenian Littoral
Statistical region Gorizia
Municipality Nova Gorica
  Total 14.45 km2 (5.58 sq mi)
Elevation 670.9 m (2,201.1 ft)
Population (2002)
  Total 264

Banjšice (pronounced [ˈbaːnʃitsɛ]; Italian: Bainsizza or Bainsizza Santo Spirito) is a settlement in western Slovenia in the municipality of Nova Gorica. It has a population of 264. It is located on the high Banjšice Plateau, overlooking the Soča Valley. It is made up of several hamlets including Breg, Lohke, Ošlakarji, Mrcinje, Trušnje, Podlešče, Raven, Kuščarji, and Krvavec.[2]

The parish church in the settlement is dedicated to the Holy Spirit and belongs to the Diocese of Koper.[3]


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