Banc Capel

Banc Capel
Location Coral Sea, in the South Pacific Ocean, near New Caledonia
Coordinates 24°45.70′S 159°42.13′E / 24.76167°S 159.70217°E / -24.76167; 159.70217) [1]
Country France
Type Guyot
Volcanic arc/chain Chesterfield Plateau

Banc Capel is a guyot, or flat-topped underwater volcano, in the Coral Sea.


Banc Capel is a guyot – a former atoll with steep sides and a flat top – and is swept by strong currents. There are no sandy or muddy substrates, the surface being occupied by rocks or gravel scree.[2]


Banc Capel is inhabited by species including Nassarius alabasteroides and Laurentaeglyphea.[3][4][5][2][6] It is dominated by sponges, including the genus Phloedictyon and gorgonians. Other decapods found in the same trawls including the slipper lobster Ibacus brucei, the crab Randallia and swimming crabs.[2]

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