Bam Margera Presents: Where the ♯$&% Is Santa?

Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?
Directed by Bam Margera
Produced by Bam Margera, Joe Frantz
Written by Bam Margera, Joe Frantz, Tim Glomb
Music by CKY
Cinematography Joe Frantz
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Release dates
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa? (A.K.A. Bam Margera Presents: Where the Fuck is Santa?) is an original film released in 2008 by Warner Bros.. The film stars Bam Margera, Brandon Novak, Mark The Bagger, and other members both of Bam's family and friends. It follows the daredevil and comedic themes of Margera's MTV shows Viva La Bam and Jackass, while retaining a holiday-themed goal for the film; namely celebrating Christmas and finding Santa Claus.[1] Bam Margera also mentioned a sequel to this movie on Radio Bam.


In West Chester, Pennsylvania, Bam Margera, his wife Missy Margera, and friends get ready to celebrate Christmas. After destroying friend Brandon Novak's new car (the first car that he ever owned), Bam realizes that he has to get Missy a special present: Santa Claus. When discussing how to find Santa, Bam states that he lives in Lapland, Finland and that the common misconception is that he lives in the North Pole. Disagreeing, he makes a bet with Mark The Bagger that he will find Santa and bring him back to West Chester as a present for Missy; if he cannot find Santa, Mark gets to go on a date with Missy. Novak also makes a side-bet with Bagger that he can sleep with more women in Finland than Bagger can in Pennsylvania, even with the help of friend Jimmy Pop.

After traveling to Philadelphia for a new passport, because he misplaced the other one, and then flying from JFK Airport, Bam and friends arrive in Helsinki, Finland to find directions to Santa's house. Their first stop was at the rehearsal area for HIM, Bam's favorite band and personal friends, who draw a map on Mark Hanna's chest with marker, then play "Dead Lovers' Lane" to close for Bam. Before leaving, Bam decides to get the map drawn by Ville Valo tattooed on the Mark's chest so it doesn't get lost. With complete directions, they all leave on a train north to Tampere where they run into The Dudesons, Jarppi and Jukka. The next morning, before heading towards Santa, Novak persuades the group to go to a Hanoi Rocks concert where friend Andy McCoy tells them they must hike about nine hours to reach Santa once they've reached Rovaniemi. During a night in the Finland wilderness, Bam cuts off Joe Frantz's long hair while Frantz sleeps by the campfire. Frantz wakes up, finds that part of his hair is gone, and in a rage, trips into the fire pit.

Meanwhile, back in Pennsylvania, Bagger and Jimmy Pop attempt to pick up women, unsuccessfully, and also assist Missy and April preparing for a Christmas party. Upon leaving southern Finland, Bam and the rest of the group hike through the snow for several days until they finally reach Santa Claus Village above the Arctic Circle in Finland. Searching the workshop, they find that Santa has gone on vacation to the Bahamas and so Bam has lost his bet. Before traveling back, Bam and the group meet back up with Andy McCoy, Jonne Aaron Liimatainen of Negative and Jussi 69 of The 69 Eyes at Corona bar in Helsinki, where they find a stranger who looks similar to Santa to agree to come back with Bam to America and pose as the real Santa. Novak also wins his part of the bet with two women.

Upon arriving back in Pennsylvania, Bam presents "Santa" to Missy and she gives him a tour bus and invites pro skateboarders such as Kerry Getz and others to attend the Christmas party. Missy also arranges for a local band called The Moxy to play in the skate barn. The party ensues, and afterwards, the Finnish Santa disappears and Bam attempts to give Novak a poorly refurbished car to amend for destroying it before, although he does not accept it. Before the credits roll, Chad I. Ginsburg informs Seth Meisterman that it was merely a stranger they found in a bar rather than the real Santa.[2]

During the credits, while everybody is opening their Christmas presents, Novak reveals that he stole Bam's passport as payback for the damage to his car.



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