The Balares were an ancient people of Sardinia.


They probably derived from the Beaker people that settled in the island in the late Copper age and produced the Bonnanaro culture in the early Bronze Age. During the Nuragic period, the Balares lived in the whole north-western part of the island (Nurra, Anglona, Sassarese); their territory bordered with the Ilienses in the south (Tirso) and with the Corsi in the north-east (Mount Limbara).

After the punic and Roman occupation of Sardinia, part of the Balares, along with the Ilienses and the Corsi, retreated in the mountainous region called Barbagia to resist the invaders. In 177 BC, the Balares and Ilienses revolted against the Romans; they were defeated by the legions of Tiberius Gracchus the Elder.

Balares tribes (Balari)[1]

Ancient tribes of Sardinia.



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