Bairbre Dowling

Bairbre Dowling (27 March 1953 – 20 January 2016) was an Irish actress.

Born in Dublin as Barbara Patricia Dowling, the daughter of actor Vincent Dowling and actress Brenda Doyle, who died in a car crash in 1981. She has three sisters, Louise, Valerie, and Rachel, and a step-brother, Cian.[1] She was married from 1982 to 1994,[2] to actor Colm Meaney,[3] with whom she had a daughter, Brenda, in 1984.[4]

Dowling worked with her husband in the PBS television film, Playboy of the Western World in 1983,[5] in John Huston's 1987 film The Dead,[6] and in the 1994 drama, War of the Buttons.[7]

In 1970 she was part of the Abbey Theatre where she appeared in " The Becauseway[8]" 1970 and "Rites[9]" 1973.

In 2011 she appeared in a play "Temporal Powers[10]" by Irish Playwright Teresa Deevy, this was a Mint Theatre[11] production presented as part of the Teresa Deevy project.






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