Bailando por un Sueño (Mexican TV series)

For the TV series in various countries, see Bailando por un Sueño.
Bailando por un Sueño
Created by Televisa
Starring Adal Ramones
Liza Echeverría
Country of origin Mexico
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release 2005

Bailando por un Sueño ("Dancing for a dream") is a reality series on the Mexican television network Canal de las Estrellas, in which celebrities are partnered with common, everyday people with dreams they want to fulfil, who each week compete against each other in a competition to impress a panel of judges. In each show, the two couples who receive the lowest score go head to head against each other to survive potential elimination. Through a telephone poll, viewers vote who should stay and who should go, the results of the poll being combined with the ranking of the panel of judges. The process continues until there are only two couples standing. Rather than the promise of a large cash prize, the winner gets a previously stated wish granted. The show is also broadcast in the United States on Univision. This Includes a lot of famous actors and actresses from Latin America.

On Air


Dance Judges

Singing Judges (El Show de Los Sueños)


Season 1

Contestants Cycle 2

Season 2

Reyes de la Pista "Kings of the (Dance) Floor"'

Challenge between the top 3 couples from the first and second seasons.

El Show de los sueño: Sangre de Mi Sangre

Season 1

El Show de los sueños: Amigos del Alma

Season 2

Reyes del Show

Season 1

Season 2

Bailando por México

After the success of Bailando por un sueño a side show called Bailando por México was prepared on the same year. The contestants were:

Cantando Y bailando Por Un Sueno De Navidad This was a one episode show featuring six contestants (both of them famous) to accomplish a dream to save a small town.



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