Bailando por un Sueño

Bailando por un Sueño is a franchised TV series in various South American countries. Meaning "Dancing for a dream", it is a reality series that commenced on the Mexican television network Canal de las Estrellas, in which celebrities are partnered with common, everyday people with dreams they want to fulfil, who each week compete against each other in a competition to impress a panel of judges. In each show, the two couples who receive the lowest score go head to head against each other to survive potential elimination. Through a telephone poll, viewers vote who should stay and who should go, the results of the poll being combined with the ranking of the panel of judges. The process continues until there are only two couples standing. Rather than the promise of a large cash prize, the winner gets a previously stated wish granted. The show is also broadcast in the United States on Univision. This Includes a lot of famous actors and actresses from Latin America.

Many Latin American countries developed their own versions on a similar format after success of the launch. Countries broadcasting similar format shows include Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru (as El Gran Show), and on the European continent, Slovakia (as Tanečný pre Dream) and Romania as Dansez pentru tine.

Legal controversy

In September 2011, Italy's Canale 5 (owned by Mediaset) launched a series called Baila,[1] based on Bailando por un Sueno. The owners of Dancing With The Stars, BBC Worldwide, and local presenter Milli Carlucci took Mediaset to court, arguing that Baila infringed the rights of Dancing With The Stars.[2] The court agreed, finding that the addition of 'dreamers' was not a sufficient difference in the format, and a later court upheld that judgement in November 2011.[3] Baila was quickly taken off air.

Bailando por un Sueño worldwide

Central America (regional)

El Salvador El Salvador / Costa Rica Costa Rica /
Honduras Honduras / Panama Panama

  • Title: Reto Centroamericano de Baile
  • TV channel:
  • Hosts:
    • Luciana Sandoval (El Salvador) /
    • Edgar Silva (Costa Rica) /
    • Salvador Nasralla (Honduras) /
    • Sasha Arias (Panama)
  • 2011: Season 1: Nancy Dobles and Diego Torres (Costa Rica)
  • 2012: Season 2: Jessica, Billy, Andrea, Henry, Laura and Héctor (El Salvador)
Argentina Argentina
Brazil Brazil
  • Title: Bailando por um sonho
  • TV channel: SBT
  • Hosts: Silvio Santos
    Cynthia Benini
  • 2006: Season 1: Patrícia Salvador and Leonardo
Chile Chile
  • Title: Baila! Al ritmo de un sueño
  • TV channel: Bang TV
  • Host: Simoney Romero, Eva Gómez, Cristian Sánchez
  • 2013: Season 1: Faloon Larraguibel y Alejandro Herrera
  • 2014: Season 2: Stephanie Méndez y William Orrock
Colombia Colombia
  • Title: Bailando por un sueño
  • TV channel: RCN
  • Hosts: Paola Turbay and Julián Román
  • 2006: Season 1: Maria Cecilia Sánchez and Jose Andulfo Leal Garay
  • 2006: Season 2: Carolina Cruz
  • 2006: Season 3: Valentina Rendon and Felipe
Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • Title: Bailando por un Sueño
  • TV channel: Teletica
  • Host: Edgar Silva
  • 2007: Season 1: Mauricio Hoffman and Hazel Linares
  • 2008: Season 2: Viviana Calderón and Franklin Calderon
  • 2010: Season 3: Nancy Dobles and Diego Torres
Costa Rica Costa Rica / Panama Panama
  • Title: Bailando por un sueño: Reto Costa Rica-Panamá
  • TV channel: Teletica (Costa Rica) / Telemetro Canal 13 (Panama)
  • Hosts: Edgar Silva (Costa Rica) and Karen Chalmers (Panama)
  • 2008: Season 1: Viviana Calderón and Franklin Calderón
Ecuador Ecuador
  • Title: Bailando por un Sueño
  • TV channel: Gama TV
  • Host: Yuli Maiocchi
  • 2006: Season 1: Sofía Caiche
  • 2007: Season 2: Junior Monteiro
  • 2008: Season 3: Juancho Lopez
El Salvador El Salvador
  • 2008: Season 1: Karen Solís and Giancarlo Reyes
  • 2009: Season 2: Álex Erazo and Kathleen Ramos
  • 2010: Season 3: Kahory Trujillo and Mauricio Franco
Honduras Honduras
  • Title: Bailando por un Sueño
  • TV channel: Televicentro
  • Hosts: Salvador Nasralla and Gabriella Ortega
  • 2010: Season 1: Samuel Martínez "Moncho" and Fabiola Guillen
  • 2012: Season 2: Stefany Galeano and Onel
Mexico Mexico
  • 2005: Season 1: Latin Lover y Mariana Vallejo
  • 2005: Season 2: Alessandra Rosaldo e Israel Aquino / For Ganadores de ganadores: Latin Lover and Mariana Vallejo
  • 2006: Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños: Jacqueline García / Josué y Margarita
  • 2014: Season 3: In progress
Slovakia Slovakia
  • Title: Tanečný pre Dream
  • TV channel: Markíza
  • Hosts: Adela Banášová and Martin "Pyco" Rausch
  • 2006: Season 1: Zuzana Fialová and Pedro Modrovský
  • 2008: Season 2: Michaela Čobejová and Tomáš Surovec
  • 2009: Season 3: Juraj Mokrý and Katarina Štumpfová
  • 2010: Season 4: Nela Pocisková and Peter Modrovský
Panama Panama
  • Title: Bailando por un Sueño
  • TV channel: Telemetro Canal 13
  • Hosts: Luis Eduardo Quirós and Jenia Nenzen
  • 2006: Season 1: Bosco Vallarino y Leslie Ramírez
  • 2007: Season 2: Lula López y José Luis Rodríguez
  • 2008: Season 3: Andrea Peréz y Ángel Jiménez
Paraguay Paraguay
  • Title:
    • Bailando por un sueño (2006-2008)
    • Menchi el Show (2009)
  • TV channel: Telefuturo
  • Hosts: Menchi Barriocanal (2006-2009)
  • 2006: Season 1: Florencia Gismondi and Oscar Duarte
  • 2007: Season 2: Pedro Guggiari and Maria Elsa Núñez
  • 2007: Season 3: Melissa Quiñonez and Justo Sánchez
  • 2008: Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños: Helem Roux and Nahuel Ortiz
  • 2009: Season 4: Julio González Abdala and Maia Ayala
Paraguay Paraguay
  • Title: Baila conmigo Paraguay
  • TV channel: Telefuturo
  • Host: Kike Casanova
  • 2010: Season 1: Nadia Portillo "La Kchorra" and Carlos Céspedes
  • 2011: Season 2: Nadia Portillo "La Kchorra" and Jorge "Coco" Bordón
  • 2012: Season 3: Fabisol Garcete and Rodrigo Servín
  • 2013: Season 4: Marilina Bogado and Diestro Rivas
  • 2014: Season 5: In progress
Peru Peru
Romania Romania
  • 2006: Season 1: Andra and Florin Birică
  • 2006: Season 2: Victor Slav and Carmen Stepan
  • 2007: Season 3: Cosmin Stan and Doina Ocu
  • 2007: Season 4: Alex Velea and Cristina Stoicescu
  • 2008: Season 5: Andreea Bălan and Petrișor Ruge
  • 2008: Season 6: Giulia Anghelescu and Andrei Ștefan
  • 2009: Season 7: Monica Irimia and Darius Belu
  • 2009: Season 8: Jean de la Craiova and Sandra Neacșu
  • 2010: Season 9: Cătălin Moroșanu and Magdalena Ciorobea
  • 2010: Season 10: Octavian Strunilă and Ella Dumitru
  • 2011: Season 11: Corina Bud and Eduard Vasile
  • 2011: Season 12: Jojo and Ionuț Tănase
  • 2012: Season 13: Roxana Ionescu and George Boghian
  • 2013: Season 14: Ilinca Vandici & Răzvan Marton

International events

Bailando por un Sueño: Campeonato Internacional de Baile (Meaning Dancing for a Dream: International Dance Championship) was a pan-national competition between winners from various countries.

There were two such contests one in 2007 and another on


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