Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po!

Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po!
Directed by Joel Lamangan
Produced by Roselle Monteverde-Teo
Lily Y. Monteverde
Starring Maricel Soriano
Eric Quizon
Gloria Romero
Marian Rivera
Shaina Magdayao
Yasmien Kurdi
Distributed by Regal Entertainment
Release dates
December 25, 2007
Country Philippines
Language English
Budget P 10,000,000
Box office P 19,964,002.54

Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po! is a 2007 Regal Productions movie starring Maricel Soriano and Eric Quizon. The movie was one of the official entries of the Metro Manila Film Festival. The story setting is patterned after Mano Po's theme (with Filipino characters instead of Chinoy/Chinese characters)[1]


Eden (Maricel Soriano), lives in a bahay kubo in the middle of a farm near a river, with Lola Ida and her friend Marang. One day, after her regular routine of selling her produce in the market, she finds Lily. She decides to adopt Lily, then finds and adopted Dahlia. Soon after, the number of children increases, earning jealous eyes and DSWD officials trying to intervene, but it is foiled when Eden's friends help by claiming some of the children as theirs.

Marang, who has a racket by posing as an extra or cameo in films shot in their town, puts her in a date with Perry who is blind. Later, they marry and live on the bahay kubo. Perry later leaves for Manila, after creating the Garden of Eden, her flower stall. He later returns sharing good news that they could emigrate to Manila. They then live a rich life, hiring Jake as a gardener, and having the children enter prestigious schools.

Their problems start when her husband is indicted for Estafa and forced to hide. This causes their house to be foreclosed and they drive to their old home, returning to selling plants, flowers and other homegrown items. However, the worst is to come. The adopted child's parents claim them back. JR is trying to find his parents. Dahlia desperately tries to be an actress. Rose and Lily argue for their mother's affection, the former leaves home after her mother sides with the latter. Ida dies of old age, leaving Lily, JR and Marang to be Eden's counsellors. One day, Marang and Habagat decide to marry and Lily reveals that she competed against Rose for Eden's affection.

Rose later receives a letter from her father during a shift in a fast food restaurant, apologizing what he has done to his family.

Many days later, Eden is disturbed by Marang that Dahlia had become an actress, which slumps Eden even further. Overnight, while she is sleeping, she hears caroling and decides to go out. The carolers are her own her children and her husband begged for forgiveness, which she then acceps.


Main cast

Maricel Soriano as Eden 
The wife of Perry, the adopted mother of Lily, Dahlia, JR, Jasmine, Violet, and Daisy, and the biological mother of Rose.
Eric Quizon as Perry 
The husband of Eden, the adopted father of Lily, Dahlia, JR, Jasmine, Violet, and Daisy, and the biological father of Rose.
Eugene Domingo as Marang 
The best friend of Eden and the wife of Habagat.
Gloria Romero as Lola Ida 
The mother of Eden, the adopted grandmother of Lily, Dahlia, JR, Jasmine, Violet, and Daisy, and the biological grandmother of Rose.
Shaina Magdayao as Rose 
The only biological daughter of Eden and Perry, the biological granddaughter of Ida, and the step-sibling of Lily, Dahlia, JR, Jasmine, Violet, and Daisy. She always has a rivalry on her step-sibling, Lily. She also hates Cholo so much because he kept on annoying her.
Marian Rivera as Lily 
The first daughter Eden adopted. She always has a rivalry on her step-sibling, Rose.
Yasmien Kurdi as Dahlia 
The second daughter Eden adopted whose ambition was to become a famous actress.
Jiro Manio as JR 
The third person and only son Eden adopted.
Isabella de Leon as Jasmine 
Along with her biological sister Violet, she is the fourth person and third daughter Eden adopted.
Rita Iringan as Violet 
Along with her biological sister Jasmine, she is the fourth person and third daughter Eden adopted.
Sam Bumatay as Daisy 
The fifth and last person Eden adopted and is also the youngest among her seven siblings.

Supporting cast


Year Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result
2007 Metro Manila Film Festival[2] Best Actress Maricel Soriano Won
Best Supporting Actress Eugene Domingo Won
Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards Bahay Kubo: A Pinoy Mano Po!
(tied with Katas ng Saudi)
Best Musical Score Von De Guzman Won


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