Bagrat I of Abkhazia

Bagrat I (Georgian: ბაგრატ I) was the King of Abkhazia between 887/88 and 898/99. He was the son of Demetrius II of the Anosids dynasty. After the usurper John Shavliani seized the throne Bagrat fled to Constantinople and lived there for some time until he returned to Abkhazia in 887/888, deposed and put to death Adarnase Shavliani (the son of John Shavliani) and reclaimed the throne. He was married to the daughter of Guaram Bagrationi, the ruler of Tao-Klardjeti and had a son Constantine who succeeded him to the throne of Abkhazia.

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Preceded by
Adarnase Shavliani
King of Abkhazia
Succeeded by
Constantine I
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