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Baggot Street (Irish: Sráid Bhagóid) is a street in Dublin, Ireland. It is named after Baggotrath, the manor granted to Robert Bagod in the 13th century. He built Baggotrath Castle, which was partly destroyed during the Battle of Rathmines and demolished in the early nineteenth century.The street was called Baggot Street in 1773.[1]


The street runs from Merrion Row (near St. Stephen's Green) to the northwestern end of Pembroke Road. It crosses the Grand Canal near Haddington Road. It is divided into two sections:

Lower Baggot Street is distinguished by Georgian architecture, while Upper Baggot Street has mainly Victorian architecture with a few buildings of 20th century vintage. The Royal City of Dublin Hospital, Baggot Street, opened in 1834, is on the east side of Upper Baggot Street, just south of the junction with Haddington Road.[2] Cook's Map of 1836 shows the north side of Upper Baggot Street and Pembroke Road almost entirely built on.[2]


Baggot Street is known for its many pubs, and is home to the "Baggot Street Mile", a pub crawl which consists of having a pint in every pub on both Upper and Lower Baggot Street and some of the adjoining streets, usually at least twelve pubs in number. Depending on the variation, the Mile usually starts at the Den (at the Landsdowne Hotel, actually on Pembroke Road) and ends at the Pembroke (on Pembroke Street, now closed), O'Donoghues (Merrion Row) or The Horseshoe Bar (at the Shelbourne Hotel, St. Stephen's Green).[3] The Baggot Street Mile is a traditional route for the Twelve Pubs of Christmas pub crawl.[4]


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