Badachu Park

A pavilion in Badachu
Type Urban park
Location Beijing, China
Area 332 hectares
Created 7th century
Status Open all year

The Badachu (simplified Chinese: 八大处; traditional Chinese: 八大處; pinyin: bādàchǔ; also known as "Badachu Park"), is a complex of monasteries located on the outskirts of urban Beijing, which means "Eight Great Sites" that refers to the eight Buddhist temples and nunneries scattered across the Cuiwei, Pingpo, and Lushi hills in Shijingshan District, at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills.[1]

Temples & monasteries


Visitors can stroll from one temple to another, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring the arbor and rare ancient trees. Some of these trees have been standing for over six centuries, but their roots and branches are still strong and in good shape. In September and October, when the leaves are turning red, crowds of tourists come to climb the mountains. There is a cable-car to the top of the hill.



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