Back to Bach

Back to Bach
Studio album by The Swingle Singers
Released 1968
Recorded 1968
Length 30:56
Label Philips
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Back to Bach
American Look
alternative cover
U.S. LP cover

Back to Bach (released as Jazz Sébastien Bach, Vol. 2 in France) is a 1968 album released by the Paris-based Swingle Singers.

All tracks from this album are also included on the CD re-issue / compilation, Jazz Sebastian Bach (combined with all tracks from 1963's Bach's Greatest Hits aka Jazz Sébastien Bach (Vol. 1)) and also on the 11 disk Philips boxed set Swingle Singers.

Track listing

all compositions by J.S. Bach
  1. "Vivace" from Concerto for 2 violins, strings & continuo in D minor ("Double"), BWV 1043 – 3:19
  2. "Prelude and Fugue, for keyboard No. 10 in E minor" (WTC I), BWV 855 (BC L89) – 3:01
  3. "Choral" from Cantata No. 147, "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben," BWV 147 (BC A174) – 3:28
  4. "Gavotte" from Partita for solo violin No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006 – 2:30
  5. "Prelude and Fugue, for keyboard No. 1 in C major" (WTC I), BWV 846 (BC L80) – 3:22
  6. "Fugue" from Prelude and Fugue, for organ in G major, BWV 541 (BC J22) – 3:19
  7. "Adagio" from Sonata for violin & keyboard No. 3 in E major, BWV 1016 – 3:56
  8. "Prelude and Fugue, for keyboard No. 3 in C sharp major" (WTC I), BWV 848 (BC L82) – 3:18
  9. "Prelude" from "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland" (II), chorale prelude for organ (Achtzehn Choräle No. 8), BWV 659 (BC K82) – 3:30
  10. "Prelude and Fugue, for keyboard No. 21 in B flat major" (WTC I), BWV 866 (BC L100) – 1:24



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