Bach-Collegium Stuttgart

Bach-Collegium Stuttgart
Project orchestra
Founded 1965 (1965)
Location Stuttgart
Principal conductor

Bach-Collegium Stuttgart is an internationally known German instrumental ensemble, founded by Helmuth Rilling in 1965 to accompany the Gächinger Kantorei in choral music with orchestra.[1] Its members are mostly orchestra musicians from Germany and Switzerland who get together for projects associated with the choir and also instrumental programs of their own.[2][3]

The ensemble has performed at festivals such as the "Musikfest Stuttgart" of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart, Salzburg Festival, Lucerne Festival, Prague Spring or Rheingau Musik Festival.

Gächinger Kantorei and Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, conducted by Rilling, completed a first recording worldwide of Bach's cantatas and oratorios, a project of 15 years in collaboration with Hänssler Classic, in 1985 on the occasion of the composer's 300th birthday.[4] The recording was awarded a Grand Prix du Disque.

The Bach-Collegium Stuttgart has been instrumental in premieres of works such as Wolfgang Rihm's Deus Passus (Passionsstücke nach Lukas) in 2000[5] and new versions of works such as Mozart's Great Mass completed by Robert D. Levin.[6]


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