Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Lanús, Argentina
Genres Pop rock, rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, Funk rock (early), country
Years active 1991–present
Labels Sony Music
Bultaco Records
Pop Art Music
Universal Music
Members Adrián "Dárgelos" Rodríguez
Diego "Uma" Rodríguez
Diego "Uma-T" Tuñón
Diego "Panza" Castellano
Mariano "Roger" Domínguez
Past members "DJ Peggyn"
Gabriel "Gabo" Manelli

Babasónicos is an Argentine rock band, formed in the early 1990s along with others such as Peligrosos Gorriones and Los Brujos. After emerging in the wave of Argentine New Rock bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Babasonicos became one of the banner groups of the "sonic" underground rock movement in Argentina in the late 1990s.

The band name refers partly to Sai Baba, the Indian guru, and partly to The Jetsons, whose Spanish version is called Los Supersónicos.

The lead singer Adrián "Dárgelos" Rodríguez and the keyboardist Diego "Uma-T" Tuñón initially decided to create a new wave style, which wouldn't follow the established Argentine music. The other official band members are: Diego "Uma" Rodríguez (guitarist and lead singer), Diego "Panza" Castellano (drummer), Mariano "Roger" Domínguez (guitarist), and recently deceased Gabriel "Gabo" Manelli (bassist).

For their second album, Trance Zomba (1994), they incorporated a guest DJ, "DJ Peggyn" who would eventually remain as a band member until after releasing Miami (1999). This same year the band saw the departure of their longtime manager Cosme.

In 1999, they collaborated with Ian Brown on a song that bears their name on his album Golden Greats.

Although the band has never been afraid to experiment with various diverse styles throughout their career, since they recorded Jessico (2001) their songs have become simpler and more in tune with current trends in music. Some believe this to be a contradiction with their original tenets, and that Babasonicos has turned into a mainstream marketable band.

Their following records, Infame (2003), Anoche (2005), Mucho (2008), and "A Propósito" (2011) are proof that they have reached a broader audience.

Babasonicos also composed the soundtrack for Vera Fogwill's movie Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (Kept and Dreamless), which was released in 2007. The album was composed in 2003.

On January 12, 2008, the band posted an entry on their official site in which they informed that their longtime bassist, Gabriel Manelli had died as a result of Hodgkin's disease, which he had been suffering since the tour supporting the album Infame.

Their album Mucho, was released in 2008, and was a more straightforward rock album than their predecessors.[1] Phil Brown (Bob Marley, Robert Palmer, Talk Talk, Roxy Music) worked with Babasonicos just like he did in their previous album, Anoche. It is unknown who will be their new bassist, but in the meantime, their long-time friend Carca is playing with them.

They released their latest album "A Propósito", in 2011.




Year Award Category Result
2002 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2002 Best Rock Artist - Best Artist South Nominated
2003 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2003 Best Group or Duet - Best Artist Argentina Nominated
2004 Premios Gardel 2004 Album del Año & Mejor Album Grupo de Rock "Infame" - Canción del Año & Grabación del Año "Irresponsables" - Won
2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2004 Best Group or Duet - Best Rock Artist - Best Artist Argentina - Video of the Year "Putita" Nominated
2005 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2005 Best Rock Artist - Best Artist South Nominated
2006 Premios Gardel 2006 Mejor Album Grupo de Rock "Anoche" Won
2006 Premios Gardel 2006 Album del Año - Interpretación del Año & Canción del Año "Yegua" - Producción del Año Nominated
2006 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2006 Best Rock Artist - Best Artist South Nominated
2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2007 Best Rock Artist Won
2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2007 Best Group or Duet - Best Artist South - Artist of the Year Nominated
2008 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008 Best Group or Duet - Best Rock Artist- Artist of the Year - best song of the year Nominated




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