Başdurak Mosque

Başdurak Mosque
Basic information
Location Ahmetağa, Konak, İzmir, Turkey
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Date established 1652

Başdurak Mosque (Başdurak Camii) is a historical Mosque in İzmir, Turkey.[1][2]


An inscription on the Mosque states that it was built by Hacı Hüseyin. The date of construction is stated as 1652 by the traveler Evliya Çelebi who visited in the 17th century. The Mosque is built on a square platform and has a single large dome at the top. The worship area is located towards the north and the minaret is on the west. It has an adjoining medrese, library and sebil (drinking fountain). A number of shops belonging the neighboring street and market are integrated into its base. The Mosque has been restored a number of times, the last time being 2001.[3]



Coordinates: 38°25′08″N 27°07′59″E / 38.4188°N 27.1331°E / 38.4188; 27.1331

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