BBC Music Magazine

BBC Music Magazine
Categories Music magazine
Frequency 13 per annum
Total circulation 37,530[1]
First issue June 1992 (1992-06)
Company Immediate Media Company
Country United Kingdom
Language English

BBC Music Magazine is a monthly magazine. The first issue appeared in June 1992. BBC Worldwide, the commercial subsidiary of the BBC was the original owner and publisher together with the Warner Music Enterprises during its initial phase.[2][3] Immediate Media Company has been the publisher since 2012.

BBC Music Magazine has also an edition in North America which was first published in March 1993.[3] The magazine reflects the broadcast output of BBC Radio 3 being devoted primarily to classical music, though with sections on jazz and world music. Each edition comes together with an audio CD, often including BBC recordings of full-length works. The magazine's circulation is 37,530.[1] Profits "are returned to the BBC".[4]

The magazine features articles on subjects such as the favorite conductor of professional conductors. For its October 2009 edition,[5] the magazine asked 10 composers to discuss the latest trends in Western Classical music in the 21st-century.


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