BBC Knowledge (magazine)

This article is about the magazine launched in 2008. For the new international television channel, see BBC Knowledge (Worldwide).
BBC Knowledge
Categories Science and technology
Frequency Bi-monthly (6 per year)
Year founded 2008
Final issue 2012
Company BBC Magazines
Country United Kingdom
Language English

BBC Knowledge Magazine was a magazine covering science, nature and history which was launched in 2008; it closed in November 2012.[1] The magazine's now-defunct website described it thus:

BBC Knowledge Magazine - the new magazine about science, nature and history...invention, innovation and more. Sir Francis Bacon was right about knowledge. It is power. Ben Franklin agreed, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

The magazine appears to be restarted and is available in select countries as per this site: [2]

The magazine was chosen as one of the top ten magazines launched in 2008 by Library Journal.[3]

BBC Knowledge Magazine reprinted articles from BBC Focus, BBC History and BBC Wildlife.[4]


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