Bạc Liêu

Bạc Liêu City
Thành phố Bạc Liêu
Provincial city

Location in Bạc Liêu Province
Bạc Liêu City

Location of in Vietnam

Coordinates: 9°17′N 105°43′E / 9.283°N 105.717°E / 9.283; 105.717
Country  Vietnam
Province Bạc Liêu
  Total 175.25 km2 (67.66 sq mi)
Population (2015)
  Total 240,045
  Density 1,369.7/km2 (3,548/sq mi)

Bạc Liêu ( listen) City is a provincial city and capital of the Bạc Liêu Province in the Mekong Delta region in southern Vietnam. It is a medium-sized town with a population of approximately 150,000. The old name of the city is Vĩnh Lợi.[1]


The name Bạc Liêu is based on the Chinese pronunciation of a Khmer name[2] (Pol Leav ពលលាវ in Khmer). In the 1950s the area was a centre of Huỳnh Phú Sổ's Hòa Hảo religion after So was released there.[3]


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Coordinates: 9°17′N 105°43′E / 9.283°N 105.717°E / 9.283; 105.717

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