Coordinates: 47°55′N 19°00′E / 47.917°N 19.000°E / 47.917; 19.000

Börzsöny (pronounced [ˈbørʒøni]; Slovak: Novohradské hory, New City Mountains) is a mountain range in Northern Hungary. Its tallest peak is the Csóványos with 938 m (3,077 ft).

It is the westernmost member of the North Hungarian Mountains, which in turn are part of the Inner Western Carpathians. The varied landscape offers good hiking opportunities. A large part of the Börzsöny is national park. From the Csóványos we can see one of the country's most beautiful panorama with the Danube Bend (Dunakanyar).

The mountain is structurally divided into four parts: High-Börzsöny, North- Börzsöny, West Börzsöny and South Börzsöny.

Location of Börzsöny (red) within physical subdivisions of Hungary

South Börzsöny

High-Börzsöny Here are the highest peaks of Börzsöny: the Csóványos (938 m), Magos-fa (916 m), Nagy-hideg Hill (864 m) and Nagy-Inóc (826 m).

North Börzsöny

Western Börzsöny

Hydrography There are about 470 creeks in Börzsöny. The major parts of the creeks are clean water. The mountain's longest and largest river is the Kemence Stream.

Wildlife A large part of the Börzsöny is covered with oak and beech. The mountains are still registered 16 species of mammals. The 117 species of birds occur each year in the mountains, of whom 90 are regularly spend. Best-known songbirds are the nightingale, the thrush and the skylark. Among the amphibians the most spectacular is the spotted salamander; among the reptiles is the angry snake.

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