Börse Stuttgart

Börse Stuttgart
Type Stock exchange
Location Stuttgart, Germany
Founded 1860[1]
Owner Baden-Wuerttembergische Wertpapierboerse e.V.[2] and Boerse Stuttgart Holding GmbH[3]
Website boerse-stuttgart.de

Börse Stuttgart (SWB) is a stock exchange in Germany, the second largest in the country and the ninth largest in Europe.[4]

Structure of Börse Stuttgart Group


Börse Stuttgart came into existence on 4 February 1860, when a group of people from different industries decided to meet regularly. The first such meeting occurred on 12 March 1860.[8] After changing location several times, the exchange is now located in Carl Eugen Bau.[9]

In 2005, Börse Stuttgart, in cooperation with ZertifikateJournal-Unternehmensgruppe, launched S-BOX, a collection of differently themed indices.[10]

Since late 2007, Börse Stuttgart holds an 82.4 percent stake in EUWAX AG.[11] In November 2008, Börse Stuttgart Holding GmbH acquired Nordic Growth Market NGM AB, the second largest stock exchange in Sweden.[12] T.I.Q.S. GmbH & Co. KG, a joint venture of Börse Stuttgart AG and EUWAX AG developed the T.I.Q.S. (Trading, Information and Quote System), an OTC trading platform.[13][14] In 2010, the bourse started Bondm, a trading segment for SME bonds.[15]


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