The "Azwafit" or "Azwafayt" (Arabic: أزوفيت) is a tribe of bedouin (nomad) Arab origin.


The word "Azwafit" (Arabic: أزوفيت) is derived from the Arabic word "zfata", means "To protect from the Zfata". The Zfata is a group of people which claim false payments for the transportation of goods.


The Azwafit are part of the greater Tekna confederation. Azwafit is a tribe which was accustomed to escort and protect caravans against the payment of "Ztata" or "Zfata", whence the name of Azwafit. Because they became part of a bigger Berberian tribe, the Arab subtribes are partially Berberised and speak Berber today.

The writer La Chapelle noted that Azwafits counted the following fractions: Ait Ahmed Ou Ali, Ahl Hayin, Mhamd Ait Ait El Khennous, Ait Messaoud Ait Boukko and Ida Ou Louggan.[1]

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