Azul Tequila

Azul Tequila
Genre Telenovela
Created by Alfonso Acebal
Written by
  • Alfonso Acebal
  • Jorge Landa
Directed by Humberto Zurita
Music by
Opening theme Instrumental
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 64
Producer(s) Zuba Producciones
  • Carlos Guerra
  • Sergio Treviño
Original network TV Azteca
Original release 1998

Azul Tequila is a Mexican telenovela. The 80-episode serial was produced for TV Azteca by the celebrity couple Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita in conjunction with Humberto's brother Gerardo through their production company ZUBA Producciones. The complete series has been released in an 8 DVD box set.


Azul is a young woman in the end of the 19th century who has been forced to get engaged to Arcadio Berriozabal when she is in love with his brother Santiago Berriozabal. Before her wedding peasant revolution is started and she is kidnapped. Santiago, believing she is dead, creates one of the finest tequilas and calls it "Azul Tequila".[1]



With an approximate cost of $5,000,000 United States dollars, this production was praised by the critics, but was not a great success with the Mexican audience although it was in Europe, Asia, Malaysia, and Thailand. One of the reasons for its lower rating was that it was broadcast at the same time as El privilegio de amar, the most successful telenovela of rival network Televisa that year. This was the first telenovela for Ursula Pratts with TV Azteca, and also the first in 10 years after Monte Calvario in 1988.

International broadcast


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