Axel Thue

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Axel Thue

Axel Thue (1863-1922)
Born (1863-02-19)19 February 1863
Tønsberg, Norway
Died 7 March 1922(1922-03-07) (aged 59)
Oslo, Norway
Residence Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Fields Mathematician
Institutions University of Kristiania
Trondheim Technical College
Alma mater University of Kristiania
Thesis  (1889)
Doctoral advisor Elling Holst
Doctoral students Thoralf Skolem
Known for Thue's theorem, Thue systems

Axel Thue (Norwegian: [tʉː]; 19 February 1863 – 7 March 1922), was a Norwegian mathematician, known for highly original work in diophantine approximation, and combinatorics.

He stated in 1914 the so-called word problem for semigroups or Thue problem, closely related to the halting problem.

His only known PhD student was Thoralf Skolem.

The esoteric programming language Thue is named after him.

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