Awatef Abdel Karim

Awatef Abdel Karim (Arabic: عواطف عبدالكريم; born 1931) is an Egyptian composer of contemporary classical music. Karim is the first Egyptian female composer to formally study music composition.[1] She has composed for piano, violin, choir, and orchestra, and has also written music for children. In 1991, she succeeded Gamal Abdel-Rahim as chairman of the composition and conducting department of the Cairo Conservatoire, serving in that position until 1997. A revised edition of her book, Music Appreciation of Nineteenth Century Music was published in 2005 in Cairo. She was awarded the State Merit Award in June 2006.[1] Her notable students include Ahmed El-Saedi, Ali Osman, and Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah.


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