Aviation Safety Network

Aviation Safety Network
Type of site
Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch
Owner Flight Safety Foundation
Created by Harro Ranter, Fabian Lujan[1]
Website http://aviation-safety.net/
Alexa rank 71,698 (April 2014)[2]
Launched January 1996
Current status Active

The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) is a website that keeps track of aviation accidents, incidents, and hijackings. Their database contains details of over 10,700 reports. The ASN includes an aviation database with aviation investigations, news, photos and statistics.[1]


ASN was founded by Harro Ranter in 1996 as "Aviation Safety Web Pages". Fabian I. Lujan joined ASN in August 1998 to assist Ranter in reporting accurate, up-to-date news on airliner accidents.[3] The website was renamed Aviation Safety Network (ASN) in 1999.

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