Avezzano Calcio A.S.D.

Full name Avezzano Calcio Ar. L.
Nickname(s) Lupi, Marsicani
Founded 1919
Ground Stadio dei Marsi,
Avezzano, Italy
Ground Capacity 3692
Chairman Gianni Paris
Manager Giuseppe Tortora
League Serie D
2015–16 2015–16 Serie D, 10°

Avezzano Calcio Ar. L. is an Italian association football club located in Avezzano, Abruzzo.


The club was founded in 1919 and refounded in 1998 and 2009. In 1996–1997 he played in Serie C1, the highest level reached by the team.

Nuova Avezzano

Following financial problems, in 2009 Nuova Avezzano Calcio tried to merge with the newly promoted to Serie C2 A.S. Pescina Valle del Giovenco. When the merging was denied by the Lega Calcio Serie C, the club folded and sold its sport rights to A.S.D. Luco Canistro.
In 2010/2011 Pescina, that is playing in Avezzano's pitch since his field is ineligible for Lega Pro, will be anyway renamed into Avezzano Valle del Giovenco.

The refoundation

In 2009 the club was refounded as A.S.D. Avezzano Foce Nuova that in the season 2010–11 was promoted to Promozione Abruzzo.[1] In the summer 2011 it eas renamed with the current name. The team plays in the series D.[2]

Colors and badge

Its colors are white and green. The logo has to center the wolf Marsicano.


Notable players

Player with 100 appearances
Italy internationals


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